Nigeria General Marketplace (Project 106) is leveraging on Facebook buy/sell group feature which has proven to be helpful to businesses and entrepreneurs. Making it possible for people to Buy, Sell and Connect at ease. 

Project 106 is focused on helping Nigerian Nano, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria along side independent entrepreneurs and freelancers, as this will help them cut down marketing cost, making it possible for them to Advertise their products and services at a zero cost. 

We believe this is a very promising step with potentials to support and  expose businesses and freelancers in gaining grounds and understanding in their market for a promising and sustainable future.
Consumers are served with the undying access to a highly competitive market serving them cheap and affordable products and services. 

Project 106 (NGMP) is owned/managed by Gwrite as one of its digital assets making it more trusted and professionally managed. Members of NGMP have nothing to worry about as its management continues to regulate and provide better experience and processes in the Marketplace Community.

We have set a milestone of housing over 1 million businesses and entrepreneurs by the end of Q4 in 2022 and with adequate funding and digital advertising we believe we can achieve this and power our community with opportunities for growth and advancement.
We here by encourage businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to take advantage of this opportunity and also comply to its rules and regulations as together we will grow a better and safer Community for all.
Nigeria General Marketplace
We also encourage every member to always give back to the community as it impacts and supports them too. We expect everyone to be cooperative, diligent, obliged in supporting the growth and advancement of the community. 
We are open to donations in other to broaden our reach and impact.
We have set aside every Friday of the week (TGIF) were everyone is expected to donate to the community to carry out other projects and continuous management of the community that is beneficial to all.

Do well to donate for the growth of our Marketplace Community- NGMP

Together we will light up Nigeria for economic expansion.

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