Selling on Social Media

Selling on Social Media

Selling on Social Media

Selling on Social Media

It is fascinating how Businesses and Entrepreneurs use Social Media to sell their products and services.
But before we move forward let’s define Social Media

Social media are interactive web/app technologies that allow the creation or exchange of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression on the internet through virtual communities and networks.

So Selling on Social Media is the act of exchanging value on social media platforms, it usually involves the exchange of a product or service to gain monetary value (either in Naira, USD, Pounds or Cryptocurrency.) on social platforms or networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
Primarily Social Media were built to foster the ease of sharing information and ideas on the internet and also to help people connect.
But in today’s world, we have experienced a revolution in social media networks as it remains an effective means by which people, businesses and governments use to interact with one another.

Now on Social Media, businesses and entrepreneurs must remain relevant - because relevance matters a lot and not being relevant will cost you a lot of money.

Important things to note about Social Media as a business/brand

  1. Social media is not all about you
  2.  Anyone who follows you is already interested in you – no need to aggressively sell.
  3. Provide a good experience and keep your audience’s attention
  4. Let your followers know what’s new, what’s coming and how you do what you do
  5.  Share content that is inspirational about what you do and the beauty in your existence
  6. Try as much as possible to be unique, Get Branded properly and hold an outstanding Tone of Voice
  7. Respond to comments, and messages, engage with your followers and measure results
  8. People want to be sure you are listening
  9. Learn to turn negative feedback into opportunity- it doesn’t have to end in disaster
  10. Be consistent in your posting, and let your customers know what products or services you offer – you could make a listing or menu for your brand/business offering.

How to Sell on Social Media

  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is one of the easiest ways to sell on social networks provided you know your onions and strategy on how to go about it – sharing educative, fun and entertaining content are one of the best ways to sell your products or services online not just social media alone but pay attention to your niche so you ensure you’re combining the right elements in your sales copy or content basically because some niche might require to focus on Customers pain points while others might require you to focus on educative and entertaining contents.
  • Use of Creatives: This is a subsection under content marketing but we decided to bring it up alone to emphasize other aspects of creatives apart from writing/copywriting and they include the use of Photos, Graphic designs, videos, etc.
    The use of Graphics content would help you sell a visual story of your product or service you wish to advertise to your target audience.
    The same thing goes with video content as today we have found more people on social media interacting with video content to get and exchange information, so you pretty would want to reach customers at their comfort and leverage on the better features videos provide to aid communication to your market.
    And whichever you decide ensure you combine these creatives in the right proportion to sell out your products and services perfectly.
  • Use of e-Commerce Features: Some social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp provide special e-commerce features to help display and sell your products easily, helping visitors and followers to understand when a product or service is listed for sale.
    Some of these features include a catalogue feature, shop feature and service listing/menu. 
    They also support certain integration with your business website Using pixel, conversion API’S, events and other e-Commerce providers like Shopify, magneto and WooCommerce.

In conclusion Selling on Social Media is an amazing tool that should be prioritised as one of your marketing channels to help meet goals and milestones most important to your business.

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